Service Providers and Partners

The CHABAHIVA Trust has agreements and cooperating relationships with the following:


CABSA is a Faith Based Organisation that motivates and assists the Church to bring transformation in the areas of health, well-being and gender equality in a world affected by HIV.

The organisation’s aims are: Providing information, Advocacy, Mobilising and Network facilitation.

The CHABAHIVA Trust contracts CABSA to implement the Boland Farms HIV Peer Educators project as well as the project to increase and strengthen HIV competence amongst churches and businesses in Mamelodi.

For more information about CABSA, visit their website.


Exceed provides corporate, tax, financial and fiduciary services to a wide variety of clients.

The CHABAHIVA Trust contracts Exceed Tax and Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd (Exceed) to act as Chief Financial Officer of the Trust. Exceed performs treasury functions, administration and statutory submissions as agreed upon by a Memorandum of Agreement.

For more information about Exceed, visit their website.


CHABAHIVA Trust contracts WebAdjust for its Internet information and communications technology needs.

For more information contact Neels at

Kijani Design Studio

Kijani Design Studio offers an interactive service to clients to brand their products or businesses.

CHABAHIVA Trust contracts Kijani Design Studio for designing and printing pamphlets, banners etc.

For more information about Kijani, visit their website.

CDDC Trust

The CDDC Trust is a registered trust (IT661/95) and a registered non-profit organisation (016-588 NPO). Subsidiaries of the CDDC Trust include the Ecumenical Foundation of Southern Africa Institute (EFSA Institute) and the National Religious Association for Social Development (NRASD).

EFSA Institute promotes dialogue and consensus between different sectors and role-players (religious, academic, political, business, media, community organisations) on the challenges facing our diverse society. The institute strives to play a facilitating role by providing a platform for the public debate of issues.

The NRASD is represented by leaders from various religious groups. A number of advisory forums guide the NRASD in negotiations with government to implement the Memorandum of Understanding with the religious sector. The basic approach of the NRASD is to strengthen the capacity and programmes of existing networks. The NRASD is therefore a network of religious groups with the aim of fostering the role of religious organisations in social development projects.

CHABAHIVA Trust has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the CDDC Trust to cooperate towards achieving their shared goals and objectives.

For more information about the activities of the CDDC Trust visit the websites of NRASD and EFSA.



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