Introducing the CHABAHIVA Collaborative Network

The context wherein non-profit organisations (NPOs), involved in HIV and AIDS in South Africa, need to find enough financial support, has become exceedingly challenging in recent years. This challenging context developed since the financial meltdown of 2008. While international funders decreased their funding in South Africa, a trend developed amongst local funders to move away from supporting HIV initiatives to other burning issues.

In this challenging context the CHABAHIVA Collaborative Network (CCN) addresses impediments that NPOs experience: Many do not have the capacity or expertise to continually submit funding proposals. Furthermore, many do not qualify for funding opportunities because funders prefer to invest in more than one community.

Through this Collaborative Network, participating NPOs are aligned for a cooperative approach to funding, executed by the CHABAHIVA Trust. To ensure that the CHABAHIVA Trust can present persuasive appeals for financial support, the CHABAHIVA Trust acts as Fund Manager. In this role the Trust supports NPOs in this network with sourcing funds, managing these funds, and creating sustainable solutions. Collaborating NPOs commit to cooperate with the Trust as Fund Manager.

The CCN is not about money movement only, but about sustaining partner organisations while developing their strengths. The sustainability of partner NPOs, their healthy organisational growth and the scaling of their services to communities are outcomes of an effective collaborative network.

The Trust’s aim is to build a collaborative network that benefits all partners. The intention is to create synergy through a collaborative process where all can benefit while journeying together.

The Trust will lead the CCN through connecting all partners in the network, sharing information with all network partners, organising opportunities to stimulate organisational growth and sharing of lessons learnt as well as building one on one relationships and support with network partners.

The CCN will also create the environment where strong partnerships between faith communities (or representative) and businesses (or representatives) can be developed. Such strong partnerships, leveraging off their core expertise and relationships, to contain the spread and adverse consequences of HIV in the workplace and in associated communities, will benefit people living with HIV, people vulnerable to HIV, and their communities. Therefore, businesses or faith structures who want to continue to support the CCN or specific NPOs in the network are welcome to become part of the CCN.



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