The International Steering Committee (ISC)

Around 2004 the German Steering Committee built relationships with partners in South Africa and Namibia to initiate Church and Business projects. Interaction between the various stakeholders was one of the strengths in these partnerships and projects. An international steering committee was formed to exchange ideas, project proposals and knowledge as well as to create a forum for interested companies and churches.

Initially the ISC met almost every year and later the meetings took place every second year. The meetings helped to sharpen the focus and to interlink activities between Rehoboth and Augsburg, Bielefeld and the Western Cape and Mpumalanga in South Africa. Reports were presented and some reports of the ISC were published.

In recent years the ISC meetings create an opportunity for reporting, discussing and interaction. Local projects are visited to see how the “church and business model” can be translated into efficient and sustainable projects. Lessons learnt and future improvements are discussed.

The ISC also offers the opportunity for interested parties to meet the various stakeholders and to get some insights and orientation.

The last meeting was in November 2016 in Namibia and the next meeting will be in 2018 – probably hosted by Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga (South Africa).



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