Diakonia AIDS Ministry

The Diakonia AIDS Ministry (DAM) of the ELCSA Central Diocese offers essential services to the community, including trained home based caregivers, case management for orphans and vulnerable children, support group meetings and income generation projects. DAM’s Education and Training department educates people about HIV and AIDS and other health matters as well as providing counselling and HIV testing.

DAM’s history

Diakonia AIDS Ministry was originally established in 2001 as a community based organisation affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa Central Diocese (ELCSA). ELCSA Central Diocese community members identified the need and chose to respond to the spread and increasing social issues associated with HIV/AIDS by organising DAM as a social ministry. DAM is registered as non-profit organisation (NPO 025-090).

Vision and mission

DAM’s vision is to be a leading faith based organisation in people centred health and development services. DAM’s mission is to provide mechanisms that address socio-economic factors and engage strategic partners to address HIV and AIDS, related social issues, and empowerment of individuals and the community in Southern Africa and the church.

People and structure

Many of the people working in DAM are volunteers. Their strong reliance on volunteers demonstrates the hard work of people who truly care for the community.

DAM has 5 departments:

  •  Education and Training;
  •  Orphans and vulnerable Children;
  •  Home Based Care;
  •  Support Group and
  •  Communication.

CHABAHIVA Trust’s support

CHABAHIVA Trust supports the project of Education and Training to partner with local churches and businesses and mobilise them to take part in the struggle against HIV/AIDS and other health concerns while providing HIV counselling and testing and information to the community.

For more information about DAM, visit their Facebook page and their Website.


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