Are we conquering HIV?

Dr Olive Shisana said as recently as 2017: “The HIV epidemic is raging and we say we have conquered HIV. We think we can treat ourselves out of the epidemic. But there are still new infections”.

Therefore, I do not ask “Have we conquered HIV?”

My question is only – are we at least doing the right things to move in the direction of eventually conquering HIV?

I am not sure! To be honest – I do not think so.

What do you think?

At a recent CHABAHIVA Trust workshop Lyn van Rooyen from CABSA presented an overview of the current situation of HIV in South Africa. The picture she sketched was so alarming that I’ve asked her to adapt the PowerPoint for a wider audience.

This has been uploaded on our website and you can read it here.

Do yourself a favour and have a good look!

Then do people living with HIV and specifically those most vulnerable to HIV infection a favour and comment on what you’ve learned on the CHABAHIVA Trust Facebook page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!