Who do we put first?

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Who do we put first? by Aneleh Fourie Le Roux, CABSA Director "One of the biggest challenges is reaching men," writes Jon Crisp from the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation in Malawi, as he reflects on Differential Service Delivery (DSD) during the International AIDS Conference in July. But we

Can she conquer HIV on her own?

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Can she conquer HIV on her own? "It (Gender Based Violence - GBV) is a social issue that must engage, involve and mobilise the whole of society. We must be prepared, as government, to acknowledge where we have failed our people. Where we have made mistakes, we will correct them." With

Are we conquering HIV?

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Are we conquering HIV? Dr Olive Shisana said as recently as 2017: "The HIV epidemic is raging and we say we have conquered HIV. We think we can treat ourselves out of the epidemic. But there are still new infections". Therefore, I do not ask "Have we conquered HIV?" My