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FBF Workplace Wellness

The CHABAHIVA Trust also supports the Field Band Foundation to facilitate the establishment of a relevant and appropriate Workplace Wellness Programme that will add value to both employer and employee creating a work environment where employees are well informed on HIV, AIDS and other debilitating diseases and enabled to make informed choices that will build trust in the organisation leading to an increased understanding of their own health risks followed by increased health seeking behaviour at the Field Band Foundation.

This will further improve the organisations’ competence to support the well-being of FBF members and to implement HIV projects, for example the Peer Educator projects .

The Workplace Wellness Programme will be implemented during 2017 in the head office as well as a selected number of nearby Field Bands. In 2018 the programme will be extended to all employees of the FBF.

Steps of the programme during 2017 include:

  • a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire;
  • an Impact of HIV and other lifestyle related diseases in the workplace workshop;
  • a Workplace Wellness Policy Workshop;
  • Development and distribution of the policy;
  • HCT and health screening opportunities;
  • health memos;
  • Psychosocial counselling and support;
  • a further implementation workshop and
  • a commitment and celebration event.


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